Let Them Eat Breast Milk

When I learned that Bette Midler’s response to the baby formula supply crisis was “TRY BREASTFEEDING,” I immediately thought of two things,

A Market for Mosquito Control?

We buy medicines in stores and pharmacies, and we obtain healthcare at clinics and hospitals. Why don’t we purchase mosquito control in

The Perils of a Modern Babel

Reprinted from Law & Liberty In his recent Atlantic essay, “After Babel: How Social Media Dissolved the Mortar of Society and Made America Stupid,” Jonathan

“Woke” Fed Fell Asleep on the Job

The Federal Reserve has become increasingly concerned with “woke” issues like inequality and climate change. These concerns have distracted Fed officials from

Rutgers, Lawsuits, and Buyer’s Remorse

Reprinted from Inside Sources Rutgers University Graduate Business School committed “gross fraud” through a bogus employment scheme designed to improve its ratings, according

All Costs Considered

What do speeding while driving, binging another TV episode, and hitting the snooze button again have in common? To our point, what

Lost Horizon

Reprinted from Law & Liberty On a cold winter night in 1986, I met my father and the writer C.D.B Bryan at the

Superstitious Storytellers

Almost astoundingly recently, human beings didn’t know much of anything about how and why the natural world went on around us.  For millennia,