‘MEW’ Cat Coin Goes Viral on Solana and This Dog-Coin Could Be Next to Explode

Solana meme coins continue to dominate the market, and in the latest move Mew Cat Coin (MEW) has exploded after going viral on X.

This article will provide an analysis of MEW’s current price trends, and look to see whether the latest incarnation of Dogecoin, represents a more promising investment opportunity.

BREAKING$MEW The big Cat in the room, surrounded by a group full of dogs and frogs , is now making a COMEBACK…. According to my TA, if we can close above the .5 Fib, which is approximately .0019 cents. Then we are likely to see new ATH This week! Can the $SOL… pic.twitter.com/38RsPhn1uU

— JPTHEKING (@JPTHEKING16) March 26, 2024

Retail meme coin traders on X are jubilant, as the viral success of MEW’s explosive rally continues to hold strong across the social network – but can price explode to hit $1Bn market cap?

MEW Price Analysis: Can The New Big Cat In Town Surge to Top Solana Meme Coin Status?

As price action consolidates at lower trendline support, Mew the Cat is currently trading at a market price of $0.00134 (representing a 24-hour change of -29.87%).

This comes after MEW cat coin launched at just 6 AM (UTC) on March 26, in a listing that gained rapid traction due to sudden virality amongst Solana meme coin traders on X.

MEW price increased aggressively, surging +15,500% across 7 hours of sustained upside moves, to hit an all-time high of $0.0037 at 12 PM on March 26.

Yet, the dramatic move saw early backers amass huge gains, and a wave of profit-taking has swept into the chart in the hours since, with price tumbling -64% as a consequence.

This has left an army of 9.19k holders fighting to establish consolidation above lower support at $0.001.

However, with a whopping market cap of $118M, upside movements become tough from here on out – with a 10x move now contingent on an influx of over $900m in volume.

For this reason, many retail investors are shifting their attention to the viral success of the Dogecoin20 presale – which would need 10x less volume to see a 10x price boom.

DOGECOIN20 Hits Viral Success: Over $10M Raised as New Investors Race to Next Dogecoin Project

Dogecoin’s recent price gains have fuelled major interest in spin-off projects, and now investors are racing to take a position in a new crypto presale with over $10m raised so far for the next incarnation of the top DOGE.

Viral success triggered Dogecoin20’s explosion above $10M raised, with the presale now heading for an imminent sell-out, so don’t miss the last window of opportunity to get in as an early-bird Dogecoin20.

Dogecoin20 is the next-generation version of the top coin in the vertical Dogecoin (DOGE), and investor appetite has been fuelled by the chance to buy in at just 0.0001% of Dogecoin’s market cap.

Exciting News for #DOGE20 Community!

We’re thrilled to announce the $DOGE20 Claim date!

Save the date: April 20, 2024 – INTERNATIONAL DOGE DAY! We’ve strategically chosen this iconic day to celebrate the spirit of #DOGE20 with our amazing community. pic.twitter.com/GxVaOyOInl

— Dogecoin20 (@DOGE_COIN20) March 26, 2024

To put things in perspective, if DOGECOIN20 replicates just 1% of Dogecoin’s success, and hits a $192M market cap – investors could be sat atop a 50x return.

Next Generation Meme Coins: With viral traction amongst new retail investors, Dogecoin20 is poised to revolutionize the meme coin vertical in the year ahead. With over $10m raised in its first 2 week of presale, this innovative token pays homage to the OG meme coin while setting the stage for a new generation of moon boys.

Innovative Tokenomics: Dogecoin20 sets the stage for success in its tokenomics; it’s a powerhouse of innovation. Featuring a capped supply and an ingenious staking mechanism, this token rewards active participation and shields against inflation, setting a new standard for meme coins everywhere.

Mission & Roadmap: Leading the charge into the 2024 bull run, Dogecoin20 champions the idea of “Do Only Good Everyday.” With a roadmap focused on charity, community support, and real-world impact, this project aims to redefine the crypto landscape and pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Join the Revolution: Be part of something special. Follow Dogecoin20’s journey on X or join their Telegram for the latest updates. Ready to dive in? Visit their website to acquire and stake tokens today!

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