GRAPH Token Goes Viral on Solana and This New Dogecoin ICO is Poised for Takeoff

In the latest dazzling Solana meme coin pump, a Graph token spin-off called ‘SOLGraph’ has skyrocketed in popularity as prices hit new highs.

This article will provide an analysis of GRAPH’s current price trends, and look to see whether the latest incarnation of Dogecoin, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.

GRAPH Price Analysis: As SOLGraph Explodes In Huge Overnight Move – Is Retracement Set To Take Hold?

SOLGraph is unique amongst the meme coin trend, in so far as having actual utility, with the token forming the settlement layer of a new SocialFi project on the Google App-store.

As price action attempts to consolidate, SOLGraph is currently trading at a market price of $1.00 (representing  24-hour change of -25%).

This comes amidst a tumultuous retracement move, which has left GRAPH price battling to establish consolidation above support between $0.90 and $1.

Launched at just 9 AM (UTC) on March 24, SOLGraph gained quick traction, exploding to hit resistance at $0.72 in the opening hour.

A brief period of consolidation here saw price action swing up, to hit an all-time high at $2.08 around 11 AM – a move fuelled by an influx of over $4m in trading volume.

Yet, in the hours since, a retracement move has gripped the chart, with price action tumbling in a volatile return to lower support – however, if 2.32k GRAPH token holders can defend this zone successfully, it could set the stage for a major resumption of upside moves.

Indeed, SOLGraph’s market cap is still standing relatively low at $1.06m, therefore GRAPH token current prices represent a strong potential entry for late-stage investors with as much as a 5x gain on the short-time frame possible from here.

But, for Solana meme coin traders looking for bigger rewards, the key to success is getting in early, and an emerging Dogecoin presale offers the opportunity to do just that – meet Dogecoin20.

Last Chance to Join Dogecoin20 Presale: $10M Hard Cap Nears As DOGE20 Goes Viral – Don’t Miss Final Day

In an outstanding move, investors are racing back to ERC-20 from Solana meme coin markets, to participate in the new DOGECOIN20 presale, which has accelerated to a near sell-out in just 4-days.

As the snowball grows, markets anticipate the birth of the next skyrocket, with a current $8,827,266 raised at the time of writing – Dogecoin20 appears poised as a breakout meme coin for the year ahead.

Dogecoin20 developers have revealed in their latest announcement, that DOGE20 coins will be claimable on 4/20 – following a 3-week marketing campaign in a move aimed at targeting the Bitcoin halving event.

With a carefully planned launch underway, viral success forms the focus here, and as aeplica play on the biggest meme coin, Dogecoin (DOGE), retail investors are rushing to buy the next DOGE at just 0.0001% of Dogecoin’s market cap.

Think $DOGE might be getting a bit jealous! #Dogecoin20 #Memecoins #Altcoins #Cryptomemes #DOGE pic.twitter.com/Q3QMhqsh6f

— Dogecoin20 (@DOGE_COIN20) March 25, 2024

Indeed, if DOGECOIN20 replicates just 1% of Dogecoin’s success, and hits a $192M market cap – investors could be sat atop a 50x return.

Revolutionizing Meme Coins: Dogecoin20, is already making headlines across the crypto industry. With the presale skyrocketing towards $10m  raised in its first week of presale, this innovative token pays homage to the original meme coin while laying the foundation for the next generation of moon-boys.

Innovative Tokenomics: Dogecoin20 isn’t just another meme coin; it’s a powerhouse of innovation. Featuring a capped supply and an ingenious high-yielding staking mechanism, this token rewards active participation and shields against inflation, setting a new standard for meme coins everywhere.

Mission & Roadmap: More than just a token, Dogecoin20 embodies the ethos of “Do Only Good Everyday.” With a roadmap focused on charity, community support, and real-world impact, this project aims to redefine the crypto landscape and pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Join the Revolution: Be part of something special. Follow Dogecoin20’s journey on X or join their Telegram for the latest updates. Ready to dive in? Visit their website to acquire and stake tokens today!

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